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FREE Jailbreak
iPhone, iPad, iPod
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Try our Safe Jailbreak service for v.6.0-9.3.2 Get new features today!

FREE Jailbreak
iPhone, iPad, iPod
Remotely Now

Need to Jailbreak iPhone or another iDevice?
Try our Safe Jailbreak service for v.6.0-9.3.2
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Top 5 Reasons for iOS Jailbreak

Stop struggling with an annoying iOS lock, Jailbreak it and enjoy great features:


Access to games and apps unavailable before


Full customization, from your lock screen to default apps


Improved anti-theft solutions


Useful Shortcuts


User Interface adjustments

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Why Jailbreak iOS?

Jailbreaking process has more benefits than you can ever think. It encompasses not only your device User Interface customazation but also opportunity to change multiple settings that are not permitted as default in the menu of an iDevice.

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Moreover, you are now free to aesthetically change your device like setting preferable ringtones, using new wallpapers, creating your own shortcuts (that is absolutely impossible in non-Jailbroken devices), even set unlock feature by any gesture you want and many more! With your device jailbroken you are able to download any software and install your favorite games and Top apps for free from the official App Store. Save your money as you do not have to pay for necessary iOS applications because all of them can be taken for free with the use of a Jailbroken gadget.

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How Jailbreaking is done?

Don’t know how to Jailbreak iPhone or another iDevice? Our remote tool with ease will help you to fast and safely jailbreak your iOS gadget. Read More No need to learn coding or plug your device to laptop! Just visit our online tool browsing website from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod and you will be guided by us step by step through the entire jailbreaking process. The whole process takes just a bit more than 4 minutes to complete as long as you follow the directions we provide. When you already browsed our remote tool on your iDevice, you will be asked for permission to download and run free software to finish jailbreaking. That's it - enjoy the freedom of jailbroken device!

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Is it possible to restore settings after Jailbreaking?

Yes, that's possible! Your device can easily be set back to default settings (that is 'unjailbroken') if by any reason you didn't like features after jailbreaking is done.Most important, to remove jailbreak you do not need to update iOS version of your device. Read More You just need to back up the device using iCloud or iTunes, that's easy. After several quick steps you will again have a stock iPhone on its current firmware. If you want once again to jailbreak the same device, just use the same jailbreak tool from our website